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About Clutch

Clutch is the top ratings and reviews platform for IT, marketing, and business service providers.
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With more than 150,000 companies registered on the platform, 36,000 reviews, and 100 reports, is the biggest platform for all parties involved in software development projects.

More than half a million buyers and sellers of services use the Clutch platform each month, and the user base is growing more than 50% a year. Inc has recognized Clutch.

Why Clutch?

Clutch Summit - No Walls, No Boundaries

For Exhibitors

  • More than 1 million business leaders start at Clutch monthly to read in-depth client interviews and discover trusted agency partners to meet their business needs.
  • By being present on, IT-related businesses can improve their credibility and thus attract more leads. That’s because potential customers get direct access to information about a company, including reviews and ratings for concrete services.
  • With an expected flow of 150000+ visitors on the event day, Clutch Summit provides a vantage point to exhibitors for gauging the same target customer base.
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For Attendees

  • Attendees can improve their business prospects with access to a valuable resource of 60000+ service and software providers in one place.
  • With real-insight into the contemporary IT technologies and disciplines by Keynote speakers, attendees have a chance to broaden their IT spectrum.
  • With 24/7 chat option with the service providers and exhibitors, attendees have an opportunity to uncover their challenges and solve their queries.
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What’s New
What’s New..
Clutch Summit is the only event with a line-up of sessions focused on improving your business. So, get ready to connect with successful global leaders, including experienced businesses, experts, innovators, technologies, and solutions that can drive your business.
Don’t Miss Out
Don’t Miss Out..
Clutch Summit is a platform for sponsors, exhibitors, agency recruiters, speakers, and community partners to collaborate and share knowledge about the latest technology trends, explore their impact on modern businesses, and identify the course of business management for the future.
Clutch Summit Be Ready
Be Ready..
Joining the Clutch Summit event ensures the success and growth of your business by benefitting from Clutch large community. Attend Clutch Summit to benefit from a global audience perspective. Clutch Summit helps you to display your service at the forefront of the IT world.


Clutch is inspired and committed to adapt Clutch Summit into a virtual format and include some well-known names in their respective industries as speakers. Having capabilities of providing the latest updates on emerging technologies in the software service industry, we are confident that these leaders can deliver unprecedented learning experiences to our attendees endowing personal and professional growth.
Sonny Ganguly
Sonny Ganguly
CEO, Clutch
5 Major Points of How Interactivity Shifts Business Strategy Towards Business Growth
Eleonora Israele
Eleonora Israele
Expanding your business into Mobile, Web, Desktop and IoT
Alex Tamoykin
Alex Tamoykin
Founder & CEO, The Right Balance
Expanding your business into Mobile, Web, Desktop and IoT
Igor Izraylevych
Igor Izraylevych
CEO & Entrepreneur, S-PRO
How I failed my startup that could worth 100 million dollars


The timeline of the interactive sessions, condensed learning, and collaboration
July 7, 2023 - July 12, 2023
The five-day tech extravaganza will kick start on 7, July 2023, and will culminate on 12 July 2023. The details of the sessions and further procedures will be sent to you after registration.